Department of Applied Computer Science and Information Technology












Training of competitive specialists in the field of applied computer science and information technology, in accordance with the needs of society and striving to contribute to the innovative development of the Kyrgyz Republic.


In accordance with the requirements of the standards of Higher Professional Education and the State program "Digital Kyrgyzstan", to prepare highly qualified, in demand in the labor market personnel with knowledge of modern research methods and technologies in the theory and practice of information and communication technologies.


The Department trains specialists in the field: 710200 - Information systems and technologies; 710300 - Applied informatics.

It’s is able to analyze the economic processes of an enterprise, build mathematical and structural models of economic processes, correctly formulate and set the task of informatizing economic processes, prepare a technical task for designing an information system, complete and implement its project, operate, maintain and modernize information systems at various levels of the enterprise.

The purpose of the training is to prepare bachelors in the field: “Applied Informatics” (profile – “Applied Informatics in Economics”), who have comprehensive knowledge in the field of economics, mathematics, programming and information technology, who own the theoretical foundations and practical skills of business process reengineering, able to professionally solve economic tasks with the help of modern information and communication technologies, design, configure and implement information systems in organizations of various profiles and organizational and legal forms.

When preparing an informatics manager, great importance is attached to the study by students of modern technologies and methods of managing corporate knowledge and information resources of an organization, the principles of organizing information interaction, and acquiring the skills to create tools for knowledge management and information exchange.

In accordance with the field of professional activity, the direction of training 710200 – Information systems and technologies may include various profiles of training. The objects of professional activity of graduates in the direction of Information systems and training technologies are: information processes, technologies, systems and networks, their instrumental (software, technical, organizational) support, methods and methods for designing, debugging, producing and operating information technologies and systems in the areas of: science, technology, education, medicine, administrative management, jurisprudence, business, entrepreneurship, management, banking systems, information systems security, process control, construction, transport, rail transport, communications, telecommunications, infocommunications management, postal service, agriculture, food industry, biotechnology, mining, geology, geodesy and cartography, geoinformation systems, forest complex, ecology, service sector, mass media systems, design, as well as enterprises of various profiles and all types of activities in the conditions economics of the information society.

Programmer of economic information systems; specialist analyst; specialist in the market of software, information services and computers; general economist with knowledge of information technologies; software developer for information and organizational services departments; head of information services.

The composition of the department


Head of the Department "Applied Informatics and Information Technology", D. in Economics, acting professor, Excellent student of education of the Kyrgyz Republic


Sulaymanova Sveta Mukashovna

d.f.-m.n., professor

Ysmanaliev Toktobek Bolotovich

senior lecturer

Ibrayev Almazbek

k.ped.n, dotsent

Abduldaeva Nurzada Sarygulovna

senior teacher

Askarova Nurila Askarovna

senior teacher

Zhuspubaeva Gulzat Amangeldievna


Kudaibergenova Jyldyz Abykanovna

Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences.

Omurzakova Cholpon Shailoobekovna

Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences.

Sagyndykova Kenje Zhanybekovna

senior teacher

Sultangaziev Esentur Tugulbekovich

senior lecturer

Turatbekov Baktybek Turatbekovich


Вakirova Nurzhan Adylbekovna


Kadırkul uulu Marat

software engineer

Nurdin uulu Ulan

software engineer


The Department of Informatics was organized in 1991 on November 29 with the initiative of Ph.D., Professor Tabyshov R. and the staff of the department consisted of 18 employees. In 1991-1998 and 2001-2003. The department was headed by the Honored Worker of Education of the Kyrgyz Republic, Laureate of the State Prize for Science and Technology of the Kyrgyz Republic, Professor Tabyshov R. At the department there was a "Computer Laboratory", the staff of which consisted of 5 software engineers and was headed by Ysmanaliev T.B. At present, the laboratory has been transformed into the "Computer and Network Maintenance Department" and is a separate structure of KNAU. Until 2011, the department was headed by associate professors: Osmonov K.T., Choroev K.Ch., Zhakypbekov K.Zh., Davletaliev J.A., and also worked well-known scientists in the Republic - professors Zhusupbaev A., Checheybaev B.Ch., Talypov K.K., Shambetov Z.S. In 2003, on the basis of the department, the "Institute of Innovative Technologies" was created. Currently, the institute is called the Institute of Information Systems and Distance Education (IISiDO), and the department has been part of the structure of this institute since 2021. Since 2011, the department has been headed by Doctor of Economics, Professor Umarova M. Professional specialists in the field of information technology, computer systems, programming work at the department, and many of them have extensive teaching experience. The staff of the department consists of 13 employees: 2 professors, 4 associate professors, 4 senior teachers, 1 assistant and 2 engineers, including 3 Excellence in Education of the Kyrgyz Republic.