Institute of Information Systems and Distance Education

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About the institute

The mission of the Institute of Information Systems and Distance Education is to implement modern, integrated, innovative educational programmes that are developing new competencies and qualifications demanded by the actors of modern society. The Institute trains the highly qualified specialists, implements the educational programmes of different levels, increases the professional developing of managers and specialists on the basis of modern means of communication and information technology. The activities of the Institute are aimed to the unified coordination of information technologies and to the digitalisation of the educational process, as well as to the development of sports at KNAU. The Institute participates in the international educational, scientific and cultural projects, trains specialists and sends students to studying and to the internships in abroad.

About the institute

At present, the Institute has more than 1,800 students in 16 fields of study in full-time and part-time of the distance learning. The educational and the scientific processes are carried out by more than 50 the highly qualified teachers. The institute has well-developed facilities, equipped with the modern computers for the teaching process and scientific research, as well as a modern sports complex. The institute pays great attention to the studying of foreign languages (English, German and Chinese) using the new educational technologies, with the involvement of the native speakers. Our graduates work in the fields of innovation management, electronic engineering and learning systems. Graduates can implement the technical projects and can creation the new high-tech products, as well as can work in engineering and innovation organizations. Graduates are formed as specialists in their own fields and as young scientists who are able to implement the various projects.

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